Motto: Will the pandemic and Brexit lead to a realignment of the art market?
Topic: Wirtschaftswoche headlined in August the year "The art market is just being reinvented." and summarized the trend as follows: "Gamification of the art market: The new, young, rich customers are not connoisseurs, but fans. They don't give a damn about high culture. And buy brands in globalized markets. They are internet-savvy. And bid for a Rothko and a Twombly also dinosaurs, Ferraris - and digital artifacts. "

Since August 1, 2021 Nicola Gräfin Keglevich, the previous director and head of the Munich representative office of Sotheby's, has been supporting the strategy and internationalization of the Munich auction house Ketterer Kunst GmbH & Co. KG as Senior Director. In the middle of the "hot art autumn", I ask her, will the pandemic and Brexit lead to a realignment of forces on the art market, and which one?