How is the museum able to open up to everybody?

Leitspruch: Museum for everybody
Thema: How can a museum reach everyone?


Munich Speech®  with Miro Craemer and Dietlinde Behncke (concept and management Togetthere-Xperience).

Just like last year, the Pinakothek der Moderne is once again opening its doors for its one-day ‘Future Day Togetthere-Xperience’, this time asking the question: ‘How can a museum reach everyone?’ In the rotunda, on the main stairs, in front of exhibits and in the temporary education space everything will revolve around the museum within the context of current social topics, social responsibility and common experience, with interactive talks, workshops and new formats (see below). Togetthere-Xperience is based on the assumption that we can only come to terms with global crises and social upheaval if we fully understand them intellectually and emotionally to an equal extent. With the enormous potential of the museum’s holdings and spaces and the wealth of experience it has amassed through its projects, bringing together professionals and lay people, connoisseurs and the curious, the older and the younger, art experts and art lovers, and artists and business representatives, the Pinakothek der Moderne is especially pleased to be able to invite the public once again under the motto: ‘A Museum for Everyone’. More than 7000 visitors flooded to the museum for the first Togetthere-Xperience on 8 October 2017. (Reference projects, e.g.: 2015 Togetthere-Walking-Act, 2016 Togetthere-Factory, 2017 OVERxCOME, since 2015 Joblings, etc.)