Motto: "Mix & Match" Pinakothek der Moderne 
Topic: Discussion with Dr. Oliver Kase on the "Mix & Match" exhibition and dealing with the work "Four Elements" by Nazi artist Adolf Ziegler

In the 20th year of its existence, the modern art collection in the Pinakothek der Moderne is breaking new ground. Since the anniversary opening in autumn 2022, the collection has been rediscovered and discussed under the exhibition title "Mix & Match". The collections of classical modernism, post-war and contemporary art, photography and media art, the Ann and Jürgen Wilde Foundation and the Written Art Collection have been meeting for the first time since September 2022 in themed rooms that span epochs and media. In unconventional juxtapositions, works of art from 120 years open up lively perspectives on central issues of our time. The rehang focuses on themes or aesthetic concepts and completely eliminates the known chronology. "What we've done here," says Kase, "goes far beyond what other museums do." In addition, "Mix & Match" is a "dynamic permanent exhibition" that is constantly changing. With the new hanging, a heated argument broke out over the presentation of the three-part work "Four Elements" by Nazi artist Adolf Ziegler, which General Director Bernhard Maaz and Collection Director Oliver Kase countered: "Our generation must find its way to a historically objective occupation with Nazi Finding art beyond moralizing accusations, as it has fortunately begun a few years ago and is appreciated by experts and large parts of the public".

Dr. Oliver Kase is breaking new ground with his fellow curators and I would like to discuss them with him.