Mission statement: No future without transformation?
Topic: Discussion about "institution building", be it social or environmental sustainability, digitalization oder visual revitalization of the museum.
Reporting: Interview "Das kann ja heiter werden" Die neue Intendantin der Bundeskunsthalle, Eva Kraus, stellt ihr erstes Jahresprogramm vor. Nov. 2021, Eiskellerberg TV  https://eiskellerberg.tv/2021/02/11/das-kann-ja-heiter-werden/

Dr. Eva Kraus is known to us from her time in Munich, as the gallery owner of Steinle Contemporary and through the great "Q&A" evenings of the trio, Matthias Ottmann, Mathieu Wellner and her on many topics, including Japan. Since August 1, 2020, she has been responsible for the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn with great dedication. Before that (from 2014) she was director of the Neues Museum Nürnberg. From 2012 to 2014 she worked as a freelance curator in Munich and led the project "A Space Called Public - Hoffentlich public" with the duo Elmgreen and Dragset.

Her mission for the Bundeskunsthalle is to offer a broad spectrum, to stage sensual and aesthetic exhibitions, to place a strong focus on women's issues and to structurally develop the museum into the future. Exhibitions about the meaning of fashion "dress code" or about "The brain in art and science" show the overall claim. In 2021, Kraus founded "STUDIO BONN. Listening to the Future", a new discourse format at the Bundeskunsthalle, which, moderated by the art critic and journalist Kolja Reichert, is aimed at a broad audience and encourages exchange with artists, scientists, programmers or activists on topics our time seeks. In the middle of the "Art Spring" I ask her: "Where are you taking the Bundeskunsthalle: no future without transformation?" We are talking about "institution building", be it social and ecological sustainability, digitization or the visual revitalization of the museum.